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How to cure joint pain

I would like to tell you my story about how I managed to cure the osteoarthritis in my knee joints and the osteochondrosis in my lower back. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not going to explain how I got cured. I'll just tell you how the facts happened.

I am 62 years old and a pensioner. Before I retired, I worked in a blast furnace establishment at a metallurgical plant. At first, I was one more worker than there was there, but then I was reassigned and started working as a security engineer. Those of you who know the profession of a blast furnace worker will understand that it differs greatly from the profession of steelworker. They only boil the steel in the converters and all they have to do is sit down and press the levers and buttons. We used to do everything the old-fashioned way. If necessary, we used a shovel and sometimes even a crowbar. The temperature next to the furnace was incredibly high and there was no way to escape those constant currents. I broke my knees and my back.

Continued pain has a direct and negative impact on our physical appearance. I've aged a lot in the last three years.

Fortunately, I was entitled to retire at the age of 50 because I had a long history of service in a profession that was considered dangerous. I no longer had the strength to put up with that situation. Last year I was able to hold out thanks to anesthetic injections. I was lucky: he got a vacancy as an engineer. That new job turned out to be a lot easier and it was also far away from the oven. It saved me from completely ruining my health and had a very beneficial impact on my ailments. The pain subsided and I even managed to stay unanaesthetized for a while. But three years before retirement, I had an accident. I broke my leg on a fishing trip. Between the pain and the batch of anesthetics I had to take, my body weakened and I suffered horrible pains in my knees and back.

Because of the injury, my arthritis began to get worse very quickly.

I don't even want to remember those three years. It was a real hell! In the morning, my wife would give me an injection of diclofenac, then I would put another one on at work and then my wife would put another one on at home at night. And you'll wonder, why the hell didn't you retire? For helping my son. She had a newborn baby and had just lost her job. He had to help his family.

Last year, I was walking around with a cane. Just before the next medical examination, I wrote a letter of voluntary resignation. I wasn't gonna be able to pass the tests anyway.

Based on my extensive experience with joint disease, I can tell you that doctors only prescribe chondroamine. Well, sometimes they also prescribe hydrocortisone or diprospan.


In addition, the constant injections of diclofenac that I had to take to relieve the pain caused me stomach pains. I had to start taking bismuth subnitrate to protect the stomach lining.

While I was looking for a remedy that really worked, I had four punctures to remove the liquid. Last time, they found out I had pus. The doctor told me that I was likely to need surgery to replace the stent soon. I'd get a titanium knee instead of mine, which was no longer good for anything. I began to investigate it and discovered that even if the prosthesis worked well, I would still have to walk with the help of a cane. The surgery itself cost a minimum of €4000. That's the price of the German prosthesis; ours is 1000 € cheaper, but the risk of complications is greater. In short, I decided to take my time and think it all through.

I decided to take my time to think about my future.

I realized that there was no way to avoid becoming a disabled person. And I didn't have the money!

My wife and I thought and talked a lot about it (he was great to me, actually) and decided to opt for surgery. At 61, there's still a lot to live for. And as for the money... well, that's what you're here for, to spend it.

I owe it all to my wife. I had a friend from school who was married to a city official. This guy had the same pain in his knees as I did. Well, maybe not so strong.

One day, my wife was walking down the street when a car stopped next to her. The official I was telling you about came out of the car and jumped into the shop.

That same day, Sandra (my wife) called her friend to ask her how her husband, Jorge, had managed to heal from knee pain. He hadn't had an operation, as far as we knew. And besides, people don't run like that after undergoing surgery.

My wife Sandra saved my life.

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